About us

Pirate Mike’s collaborates with international suppliers to deliver the highest-quality spices and gourmet items from various corners of the world. We have a specialization in providing both Kosher and Halal ingredients.
Our offerings encompass an array of spice blends, rice mixtures, rubs, hot sauces, and exquisite vanilla products. Co-founder Mike Asaad’s extensive travels have led him to uncover trade secrets and unearth hidden gems worldwide, fueling his passion for crafting innovative, cutting-edge items.

The tale of Pirate Mike’s began in 1985 when it was founded by Mike and Julie Asaad, who continue to be the proud owners.

Under the Mermaid Spice brand, we present the freshest spices, unique blends, rice varieties, food bases, gourmet delicacies, and premium nuts. 

Our spices are meticulously sourced from across the globe, adhering to vegan, Kosher, and Halal standards. We boast a diverse range of gourmet selections suitable for both your culinary endeavors and home enjoyment.